Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

You’ve probably already seen other reviews, are looking at my rating and are wondering what the hell is wrong with me?

It’s no secret that this film hasn’t been well received and it’s not certain whether there will be another Netflix sequel in this franchise, although as we know from this franchise and just about every slasher, there’s always room for a sequel!

It’s no secret that Netflix don’t mind launching gallons upon gallons of blood at your screen and that they’re getting involved in some interesting movie and series franchises, and those certainly apply here.

They could have gone for a reboot as is so often the case with these things, but instead they opted for a straight up sequel, almost 50 years in the making. Keeping this in mind I think they were a bit generous with how well Leatherface gets around, but that’s something I’m willing to overlook!

We pick up in a town which has been deserted for a long time, home to Leatherface and soon to be the home to a group of city folk who also all appear to be social media influencers… It’s influencers who make this whole thing work and it’s also them who transport the story to the present day. The storyline and many of the scenes are far from original and this thing is loaded with clichés you can smell a mile off. This makes the film very predictable and there are also basically no jump scares what so ever, because unlike the older slasher films (including the original chainsaw massacre) had to rely more on suspense than special effects.

This reincarnation for the genre however certainly picks up the slack when it comes to the latter. This thing is start to finish loaded with a tidal wave of blood, gore and hits to the human body that WILL make you wince a little.

For me at least, that’s actually exactly what I want from a slasher. I don’t care if the story has no real effort put in to it, and I also don’t really care if the acting is mediocre at best… In fact, poor acting is one of the things which for me often defines this genres, adding to the gritty nature of what we’re watching. I just want to sit back and turn my brain off.

There are certainly much better films out there and there are things which could have been done with the story to make it far more believable and really fit in to the franchise a little better – did we for example really need the only survivor from 1974 turn in to some poor mans Sarah Connor? I don’t think we really needed that and I’m pretty sure none of us really wanted it in the first place. But this is certainly one to watch with your mates with your feet up and have a good chat and a giggle during and after.

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