Toy News: Funko Fair 2022 Reveals

As always with these multi-day reveal events from Funko, this will be a living document which I will keep updated as the event carries on. I wondered why there were so few announcements from Funko at the recent London Toy fair, not knowing at the time that Funko Fair was on the horizon – so now I know!

I’ll be positing these in relevant sections below so it won’t necessarily be in date or franchise order – enjoy!

Funko Pops

Starting out with Anime pops – why not! There is a new line for Boruto; Naruto Next Generation, with 5 commons (for Boruto, Cho-Cho, Inojin Yamanaka, Kawaki, and Shikadai) along with 3 exclusives which are Sasuke with a glow in the dark chase, exclusive to Chalice Collectibles, a glow in the dark version of the Boruto with marks exclusive to Entertainment Earth and a glow in the dark Kawaki exclusive to Hot Topic.

Tokyo Ghoul comes with an exclusive for Sure Thing Toys, I don’t remember seeing an exclusive for them before, of Haise Sasaki, as being a glow in the dark version of the common pop for Haise Sasaki in this drop. The other commons include Saiko Yonebayashi, Tooru Mutsuki and Kuki Urie as well as a speciality series version of Shirazu.

Black Clover has a new set of figures which includes a AAA Anime exclusive of Luck Voltia with a glow in the dark chase. The common figures include pops for Yuno, Noelle and Asta, along with pop key chains for Noelle and Asta.

Finally for the anime section we have Fairy Tail which starts with an FYE exclusive Gray Fullbuster along with commons for Erza Scarlet, Jellal Fernandes, Laxus Dreyar, Mavis Vermillion and Mirajane Strauss.

Gaming pops next with some really cool looking figures for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands including a massive 16 inch plush pop for Butt Stallion and then 4 common pops for Paladin Mike, Dragon Lord, Tiny Tina and Butt Stallion.

The Apex Legends line is getting some new characters, with Wattson, Crypto and Revenant being joined by the seriously cool looking Octane figure.

Can’t have a Funko event without at least a few new Pokemon pops as Lapras (who also has a jumbo version by the way), Leafeon and Piplup join the crew.

Movie pops kicked off with a set of 4 pops for Legally Blonde, including an entertainment earth exclusive diamond edition in a bunny outfit. The commons are a normal sculpt for the bunny outfit as well as Elle with Bruiser and Elle in shades.

Marvel is of course getting in on the action with a set of pops for the Infinity Saga featuring awesome looking black light glow pops (they are getting better all the time with this colourway) for Silvie, Captain America, Wanda, Kate Bishop and a jumbo sized version of Killmonger who also has a pop and tee for the standard sized pop. These ones are all Target exclusives. However Marvel didn’t stop there, with an Entertainment Earth exclusive Loki and the second addition to the Beyond Amazing: Sinister Six set being Vulture, which is an Amazon exclusive.

Ok ok, so I’ve always had a go at the artist series pops and when I saw these star wars (in fact they’re all darth vader) Walmart exclusives I still think the weird woodland one is terrible… but those other 3, especially the lava one, are actually very nice indeed!

The first big Disney announcement as well as the first pop in a box exclusive is an Alice in Wonderland Cheshire cat doing a hand stand with his head off and it comes with a flocked glow in the dark chase.

You all know by now how I feel about the art series pops so hopefully there won’t be too many. This one for Two Face from the DC universe is far from the worst one they have released, but I’m still not a big fan:

Rocks kicked off that line with what might end up as the best looking figure of the event, and will almost certainly rank in the top 20 of the year. This is knucklehead to celebrate the metal band Five Finger Deathpunch, followed shortly by a far more creepy (in a different way) figure from B-Real of Cypress Hill as Dr Greenthumb.

If you haven’t got a clue who this is, go educate yourself in the world of music, as Frank Zappa comes in looking like an absolute legend.

Nascar has had some new drivers added in pop form with the Dale Earnhardt in a black outfit being the only exclusive, at Fanatics. The rest are all commons with Jeff Gordon being available as a pop ride alongside pops for Dale Earnhardt, Kyle Larson, Bubba Wallace and Chase Elliott. Major League Baseball also got a boost with 6 new pop figures for Francisco Lindor, Jose Altuve, Mookie Betts, Shohei Ohtani, Max Scherzer and Manny Machado.

Finally for the TV pops there is a new 2 pack featuring Jerry and Lil Sebastian from Parks and Recreation. This will be a Target exclusive. Also at target, and yeah not quite TV but lets include streaming shows in here too, is a new line for Star Wars Visions which has the Ronin either as a deluxe pop along with B5-56 or as a pop and tee… With this perhaps being the nicest pop and tee combo (in my opinion) they have ever produced. As well as this they also have pops for Karre and Am.

I was trying to figure out whether to put the professional wrestling announcements with the tv shows or the sports, but decided in the end that actually it deserves its own spot, and there are quite a few WWE announcements to make!

The first is that sweet lunch box for Mankind which contains a pop, pair of socks, pin and lanyard. Similarly with combo items there is a pop and tee for Roman Reigns which is a Walmart exclusive, who also have exclusive pops for Alexa Bliss, a D-Generation X double pack and a NWO 3 pack. In other exclusive news there’s an Amazon exclusive Brock Lesnar, although I have to say that I don’t think it really looks that much like him in my opinion. GameStop on the other hand also have a lot of exclusives including a Wrestlemania loungefly bag and pin combo, metallic Razor Ramon, Undertaker getting out of a coffin, Eddie Guerrero as a pop ride and Cactus Jack pop and pin combo.

Amongst all these WWE releases there are actually only 3 common pops which are Alexa Bliss with a chase (both of these look amazing), Dude Love and Bianca Belair. There is however also finally a John Cena vs the Rock pop moment.

Pop Pins

The 4 inch pop pins don’t have as many releases as I thought they would have had by now, even just in general, I don’t just mean for Funko Fair 2022. They’re kicked off with a Loki pin which has a gold chase edition. In the same announcement we also saw a 4 pack enamel pin set to accompany a Loki bag. These are all Target exclusives.

Paka Paka

Not one of the biggest Funko ranges, but the paka paka line of blind toys in capsules is popular and they have recently been taking some of these exclusive Paka Paka characters and also expanding them to things like plushies. This newest line, called Oddvocados has done just that with 3 plushies, on of which is a gamestop exclusive. There are 15 new oddvocados being released including a green paka paka figure.

Funko Soda

The soda figures have of course had a decent number of additions made to them, and I do quite like that (usually) when they do a soda announcement there aren’t more than 1 figure for each franchise. So for this event we have:

  • Marvel’s Doctor Strange with a clear blue chase and 15,000 units altogether.
  • DC Teen Titans Go! has 10,000 units of Cyborg with a weapon wiedling chase.
  • 8,500 units of Ricochet Rabbit from Hanna Barbera with a very different chase who is a different colour and is holding some carrots.
  • Samurai Jack is joining the crew with 10,000 units and a VERY cool armoured chase. That’s one of my favourite sodas of the year so far!
  • Disney coming up with Goofy with 10,000 units and a different colourway for the chase.
  • The Addams Family get a soda with Gomez Addams having 12,500 units. This is a real nice figure with a slightly different colored chase where he is also holding Thing.
  • Robocop is having 10,000 units made with a chase where he isn’t wearing a mask.
  • Klaus from the Umbrella Academy with 10,000 units a chase where he just essentially isn’t wearing shades and has his eyes shut.
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula with 12,500 units and a chase with a different color, full armour with mask and it looks like it is most likely metallic, although they didn’t confirm that in the media I saw.

Pop Trading Cards & NBA SLAM Magazine Covers

This is something which was announced last year but this is the first time we’re really seeing them. When they first announced Pop trading cards, I actually really wanted them to be trading cards, but they are the same sort of idea as the comic covers where a trading card by Panini sits in the background with a corresponding pop in the box. Its like the comic or album larger scale pop boxes but for sports fans. The first 6 announced are all NBA ones and feature Luka Doncic, Lebron James, LaMelo Ball, Zion Williamson, Giannis Antetokounmpo.

One other similar announcement is again for sports fans and very similar to the comic covers but I personally think not done anywhere near as good or looking as effective – covers for the NBA SLAM magazine. They have so far announced 3 which feature Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’Neal and Vince Carter.

Interconnecting Displays

The 3rd of 4 pieces for the Amazon exclusive Stranger Things build a scene set has been shown to be Will in the upside down, with only 1 figure (which is clearly Hopper) left to be revealed. However we’ve seen how popular these kinds of displays can be so Walmart have jumped on them them and have an exclusive scene of the crew of the Guardians of the Galaxy ship, starting off with Star lord who will be joined by 5 others. Finally Star Wars has the 2nd of 3 parts exclusive to Amazon from the duel of fates set as Obi Wan does battle with Darth Maul.

Movie Posters

Now this is one of those crazy huge box pop figure displays I can get behind as they’re going to display some iconic movie posters along with iconic scenes from the movie from the looks of it – I would have preferred what they do with the album and comic cover boxes to be honest. Still, this Jurassic Park box looks brilliant!

Funko Gold

The Funko answer to the premium vinyl figure is the gold range which has been on sale since last year. I don’t personally know any collectors but they seem to be doing well as more and more are announced. It has been a while since we’ve had any new 12 inch announcements but today saw 3 new 12 inch figures, each with their own chase and whilst Kawhi Leonard is a common figure there are also 2 Walmart exclusives of Kevin Durant and Zion Williamson.

However there are also a bunch of new 5″ NBA figures, again each with their own chase. These 6 players are LaMelo Ball, Donovan Mitchell, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid and Russell Westbrook.

The world of music also gets their next Gold figure and I have to say that it’s one of the best Jimi Hendrix figures I’ve seen, available in both 5 inch and 12 inch, each with a different color.

Comic Covers

These were launched at the last Funko Fair if I remember rightly, and they’ve not yet released that many. Their latest release is Wonder Woman number 6 as the 3rd release in this line to help celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the comic. Personally I don’t have any as I think they just take too much space for me, but this is a real nice Wonder Woman sculpt on the figure.


It’s an iconic cover and look but for me this Britney Spears album cover hasn’t made for the most exciting looking display with this being a Walmart exclusive. As the sculpts are included in this advertising picture I’ll mention the new circus Britney figure as well, which comes with a hat wearing chase. Now these are far more interesting figures!

A little bit more in my wheelhouse than Britney, there is another rock album which has been added as Powerslave by Iron maiden. The cover is pretty cool and it gave Funko an opportunity to do something seriously gorgeous with Eddie… I love this one!

Five Nights at Freddy’s

A Funko event wouldn’t be quite the same without a big mixed bag announcement for Five Nights at Freddy’s, so let’s see what we’ve got this time, all from the Special Delivery series.

For starters there are 4 common plushies (Freddy, High Score Chica, Radioactive Foxy and System Error Bonnie) along with a set of 4 which are exclusive to Hot Topic. Walmart also has a green as well as a burgundy exclusive (along with an action figure to match each color) and the Funko shop has its own exclusive too. There is also a common action figure in purple (for Toxic Springtrap) which glows in the dark to match the style of the 2 exclusives from Walmart. There is then a more basic looking set of 4 action figures (System Error Bonnie, Freddy, High Score Chica and Radioactive Foxy), which also glow in the dark. The set is rounded off with a set of 12 mystery mini figures and 4 key chains (for Freddy, High Score Chica, Radioactive Foxy and System Error Bonnie).

Pop Games

It’s already number 6 in the series which still feels so young! Crash bandicoot is the latest addition to the game box art series with crash the figure wearing a cool tiki style mask. This one is going to be a Gamestop exclusive.

Pop VHS Cover

I wasn’t going to complain any more but they’ve made it hard now. With the large box pops we’ve already in the last few days seen the addition on the NBA SLAM magazine covers, movie posters and panini trading cards, but now we also have the VHS tape covers. Personally I think as we have the movie poster ones we don’t really need these but I think ones like this first amazon exclusive lion King cover will be popular.


Funko have been working hard to help revive the board game market and the Parks and Recreation party game for 3 – 6 players aged over 14 is their latest attempt at getting people away from those computers. However Funko isn’t just about big elaborate board games, they also have their Something Wild! card game range, with Spiderman and star wars boba fett being the two latest additions to this fast paced card game for the family.

Skateboard Decks

Now here’s something totally different as Funko uses their Master of the Universe franchise to kick off a totally new product line. These skate board decks look gorgeous, and as such I think will almost exclusively sell as art / decorative pieces, especially at $99.99 each for this GameStop exclusive.

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