Toy News: Resident Evil Tyrant 11″ Statue from Numskull

Numskull are known best for their stylized vinyl figures, whether these are their Doom figures or their range of cosplaying ducks in the TUBBZ line, but this latest figure (which is due to be the first in a line of them) takes them in a slightly different direction, and it is STUNNING!

A range of limited edition 11″ replica statues from Resident Evil are going to be hitting stores, with the first one being available to pre-order for an August 2022 release now. Tyrant T-002 comes from the Arklay Laboratory’s attempt at making the ultimate living form and what they got was this incredibly strong monster, with the figure showing all of those details, from the muscle tone through to the perfectly sculpted deformities and textures adorning his body.

I think the detail which I think is the most unique for this figure and which I absolutely love about it is the stand which includes a broken glass style effect around the edge of the base.

This figure is available to pre-order now from Just Geek for £79.99 which seems like a pretty reasonable price for a figure of this size, with that level of detail.

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