Toy News: Games Workshop to Release Underhive set as Warhammer 40k, Necromunda & Horus Heresy Battlefield

Coming out on 19th February 2022 and available now for pre-order is a huge new set of terrain and accessories to compile an amazing looking battlefield for Warhammer 40,000, the Horus Heresy and Necromunda games. They call it the Zone Mortalis: Underhive Sector and it’ll set you back £170 and keep you busy for a while as you complete these 106 compatible pieces out of a 438 piece kit! They come unpainted and unassembled so will certainly keep you occupied painting for quite some time.

Here’s what you get in this amazing kit which can be ordered through the games Workshop website:

Zone Mortalis Gang Stronghold

– 1x Watchtower
– 1x Gunk Tank
– 1x Set of Stronghold Gates
– 4x Stronghold Walls
– 2x Stronghold Corners
– 1x Stronghold Wall Extension

Zone Mortalis Platforms and Stairs

– 2x Sets of Stairs
– 16x Platforms
– 2x Wide Platforms
– 12x Railings
– 4x Ladders
– 1x Lift

Zone Mortalis Columns and Walls

– 12x Columns
– 2x Wide Walls
– 8x Walls
– 2x Wide Doors
– 2x Doors

Zone Mortalis Barricades and Objectives

– 1x Gang Relic
– 1x Priority Marker
– 4x Door Terminals
– 1x Beast’s Lair
– 5x Loot Caskets
– 9x Barricades
– 4x Booby Traps

Zone Mortalis Pipes and Conduits

– 3x Pipes
– 1x Control Point
– 1x Broken Pipe Section
– 2x Curved Pipe Sections
– 1x Short End Pipe

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