Toy News: New Wave of Funko Soda Figures Includes Gargoyles, Universal Monsters, Disney, Pixar, Rick and Morty, the Witcher, Gremlins and more!

The latest wave of Funko Soda figures has been released, and it’s a big one, with 9 new figures having been announced from wide range of franchises… As is pretty much always the case, each figure from this announcement is from a different franchise, and each one has a chase variant… So here’s what we can look forward to:

  • Goliath from Disney’s Gargoyles limited to 12,500 with a stone effect chase. This is a PX Previews exclusive so you’ll find it in your local independent comic book store.
  • Frankentein’s Monster (incorrectly labelled as Frankenstein) from Universal Monsters and limited to 8,500. The chase is a glow in the dark and has him holding a flower.
  • From Disney, appearing in various cartoons is Pete, limited to 9,000 units where the chase has him looking a bit scarey and shoutie!
  • Trick r Treat sends Sam our way with 9,000 units and a chase version holding a lolly rather than a sack.
  • Pixar is represented by Monsters inc and George Sanderson, the poor monster who ends up bald and in a cone of shame, which incidentally is also the chase version of this 10,000 limited figure.
  • Gremlins see a new Gizmo figure from Funko, with a chase wearing 3d glasses… I think this one should have been flocked as athe chase. It’s limited to 10,000 units.
  • Rick from Rick and Morty has 12,500 units coming out where the chase has a different head sculpt.
  • The Witcher, from the popular Netlfix show with the same name has a very cool figure, and I think it’s actually much nicer than the pop! It has a metallic chase version of Geralt, with 10,000 units coming out.
  • Hanna Barbera sends Yogi Bear to the Soda world and this one does have a flocked version as the chase. There will be 10,000 units.
  • DC Justice League is represented by Darkseid, which is a very cool 12,500 limited figure where the chase has a slightly different color and he’s holding a weapon.
  • Marvel is joining the mix with Captain America Civil War, and the Winter Soldier character, with this being a Funko shop exclusive. This 10,000 unit figure has a metallic chase where he is also holding a weapon.
  • Finally Marvel also has a second figure in this wave which is carnage as a 20,000 unit run exclusive to Entertainment Earth. The chase version has him partially uncovering the face.

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