“I Display It” Display Cases Reviewed

Full disclosure, I met this company at Toy Fair, London 2022 where I was given one of their 12 piece mini fig display cases, so I was gifted this item, but the following review is still a 100% accurate representation of how I feel about it.

I have to say that as I walked up to their booth, and I saw the beautiful 1000% BearBrick figures they had in some of the display cases, I knew that this booth would be for the cases and that they would be insanely expensive… Turns out I was only half right!

It was indeed a booth for showcasing their collectors displays but whilst of course, there are much cheaper alternatives available to buy on eBay for example, the products by I Display It are actually very reasonably priced! Even when you ignore the quality, the price itself is still pretty good, especially for some of the more major displays. I think that £4.80 might seem a little high for the single mini fig displays, but of course it is a fair bit of work for such a small box. Where they come in to their own properly is when those cases get a little bit bigger. The case I got for example for the 12 mini figs sells for £16.80 which is far more reasonable for what looks like a really professional display case.

What I like most about them though is that when they sell them, they can list them by different Lego products… Their bread and butter is Lego displays, but we’ll look beyond that in a second. If you look at their Lego display case section you’ll see 397 different products with almost all of these being for different models, so that you don’t need to clumsily measure your model and then think about what size case would look nicest for that model. They’ve done all that work and if you have a Millenium Falcon moved for example you can just get on the site, find that and then decide whether you want it with or without a cool background already applied for you.

By the way, considering how much that Millenium Flacon model will have cost you, a custom sized case with a cool hyperspace background for £182.40 doesn’t seem too sad!

We’ve established that I think these are pretty good value for money, but they are a product which you can buy on places like eBay and Amazon Marketplace, often even cheaper… But there are 2 things which they can trump the cheaper products on.

The first is what we have just discussed about being able to buy a box for a specific model and be safe in the knowledge that it will fit perfectly.

The second is that the quality on these is very good, and its the quality which makes them good value. I wouldn’t want to buy this price and get what you can buy on eBay. I don’t have one of them so am not sure how thick the acrylic is (it looks perhaps a millimeter smaller than I Display It but I’m not going to confirm that unless I do a comparison post one day) but what I do know is that these types of acrylic products (because I have purchased similarly built ant farms before) slot together and are held in place just by friction. Usually, it’s a tight fit which works very well but the cases from I Display It also have a screw fitting which you think will look rubbish, but in actual fact, they look absolutely fine!

When you get these, they do need to be assembled, but they don’t require any tools, or any major level of skill either to be honest – they go together really easy and are ready to use in minutes. The protective covers on the acrylic are a pain to get off, but they’re well worth the inconvenience to get that mirror-like finish. Be wanted, if you have clammy hands like me either be prepared to clean it afterward or wear some gloves while putting this together.

Let’s get to the bare bones of what we need to know! Do these displays look good? That’s the most important questions really isn’t it? And the answer is hell yes they do! To be honest I didnt think that my General Grievous figure would even fit in it, but with some careful positioning, I managed to get it in amongst my Star Wars minifigs… Nice job!

I started right at the beginning saying that this would be a 100% honest review and I can honestly say that I think this product is great and should I want to protect my Lego sets (because I do have a fair few which I display) in the future, I will certainly go for one of these rather than their slightly cheaper ebay counterparts.


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