Toy News: Funko Soda Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 6-Pack

This is a seriously cool Funko Soda release! I like the soda figures anyway and am a big fan of pretty much anything TMNT (other than the Target exclusive artist series pop release that is… I’m glad it’s a Target exclusive – they can keep ’em), so this release was a very welcome addition.

This is a 6 can set which features all 4 turtles as well as Bebop and Rocksteady and they come with a 6 can cooler case… The case isn’t really a display item I don’t think, so it’s handy that these cans are actually soda can sized!

In each 6 pack you will receive 1 black light chase version chosen at random. The turtles figures in particular are really cool because the chase version essentially swaps the turtle colour from green to the same as their bandana and then changes the colour of that – really nice touch!

These will be available on the Funko website soon for a total price of $100.

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