Fashion & Lifestyle News: New Music Video for Dorian Electra’s Song My Agenda (Anamanaguchi Remix) Hits all the Nerd Notes! + My Agenda 2022 Tour Dates

I don’t write enough about music news… I can’t think of a time when I’m awake and not watching TV where I will be sat in silence! If I make it regular enough I think I will remove it from the Lifestyle news heading which is all I can think of to slot it in for now, but HAD to write something about the new video by Dorian Electra’s song My Agenda, the Anamanaguchi Remix, which they premiered last night at the same time as reminding us all about their upcoming tour! 2022 is going to see Dorian Electra head on a world tour, bringing them to a venue near you!

Going back to this video though, it is absolute insanity, matching the hectic style of this remix, which by the way is easily one of my favorite songs right now! If you’re a nerd and into nerdy culture, I don’t see how this video can’t appeal to you – even the music has got those retro arcade under-tones… Not to mention that it carries an important message – and if messages in music is too much for you (I know some people just like to sit back and listen for the sake of listening which is also cool), then surely you can sit back and smile with this blasting in to your ear holes!

I think we see a lot of Dorian Electra’s interests and personality seep in to this video, because there are references which a lot of people just wouldn’t get – I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of the more niche anime and video game references, but we see snippets from some of their other videos, there are retro arcade graphics, they’re playing a video game on presumably an xBoy 360 controller (and no that’s not a typo… not an accidental one – it’s a Dorian Electra thing, I promise – also I know that it’s actually a PlayStation controller – humor me), there are suggestive anime figures, Nyan Cat makes an appearance, there are dance dance revolution arrows, wicked little army men (I collect some so they always make me smile), swords and poses & faces which you’re bound to see a lot on Twitch and tik tok these days… the whole thing just feels like a huge load of gamer nerd fun! And there are so many more references too including some more “political” themes (I put that because quite frankly things like rights of any people shouldn’t be a political statement, just a statement of fact) and cameos with the likes of PussyRiot, the Village People and LGBTQ+ imagery… I especially like the cat puking a rainbow which I am sure is an old meme but I can’t find it right now.

See – I told you it was a thing!

Stop reading this rambling mess – I bet none of it makes sense, I#m just excited about their new video – just watch it and have fun for a couple of minutes… this sound could easily be 10 times as long and just as enjoyable.

That tour I mentioned by the way… the first date is today! The rest of the dates are below… At this rate I should have put this under event news rather than lifestyle. It’s a huge shame that I won’t be able to make it to any of their UK dates, but wish them the best of luck and hope everyone enjoys what I bet is an absolute hoot:

  • 26 Jan – Marquis Theater Denver, CO
  • 28 Jan – Fine Line Music Cafe Minneapolis, MN
  • 29 Jan – Metro Chicago Chicago, IL
  • 01 Feb – Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY
  • 02 Feb – Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY
  • 04 Feb – 9:30 Club Washington, DC
  • 05 Feb – The Fillmore Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA
  • 07 Feb – Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, OH
  • 08 Feb – Tangent Gallery & Hastings Street Ballroom Mi, MI
  • 10 Feb – Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto, Canada
  • 11 Feb – Théâtre Fairmount Montréal, Canada
  • 12 Feb – Royale Boston, MA
  • 15 Feb – Exit/In Nashville, TN
  • 16 Feb – Masquerade (Hell) Atlanta, GA
  • 18 Feb – Trees Dallas, TX
  • 19 Feb – Warehouse Live Houston, TX
  • 20 Feb – Parish Austin, TX
  • 21 Feb – San Francisco Bay Area San Francisco, CA
  • 23 Feb – Valley Bar Phoenix, AZ
  • 25 Feb – August Hall San Francisco, CA
  • 02 Mar – El Rey Theatre Los Angeles, CA
  • 03 Mar – El Rey Theatre Los Angeles, CA
  • 01 Apr – Heaven London, United Kingdom
  • 02 Apr – Belgrave Music Hall Leeds, United Kingdom
  • 04 Apr – The Academy, Middle Abbey Street Dublin, Ireland
  • 05 Apr – SWG3 Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • 06 Apr – Band on the Wall Manchester, United Kingdom
  • 07 Apr – The Fleece Bristol, United Kingdom
  • 10 Apr – Patterns Brighton, United Kingdom
  • 12 Apr – Le Botanique Bruxelles, Belgium
  • 13 Apr – Paradiso Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 14 Apr – La Bellevilloise Paris, France
  • 16 Apr – Apollo Milano Milan, Italy
  • 20 Apr – Rote fabrik – Aktionshalle Zürich, Switzerland
  • 21 Apr – fuchs2 Hlavní Město Praha, Czechia
  • 23 Apr – TBD Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 25 Apr – Gretchen Berlin, Germany
  • 26 Apr – Klub Hydrozagadka Warsaw, Poland
  • 27 Apr – Tama Poznań, Poland
  • 28 Apr – Hype Park Kraków, Poland
  • 30 Apr – Urban Club Moscow, Russia
  • 01 May – Aurora Concert Hall Sankt-peterburg, Russia
  • 10 Jun – Primavera Sound 2022 Sant Adrià De Besòs, Spain
  • 10 Jun – Parc del Fòrum Sant Adrià De Besòs, Spain

Here’s a question… If I find more nerdy music content, do you want to see it featured in the news?

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