Toy News: Funko x Marvel Battle World – Ultimate Armory Series 3 Coming Soon

Marvel Battle World by Funko is coming back in the middle of this year for series 3! i have collected a few of these myself but have to say that I’ve not played the game properly – I just like the little figures, so I’ll let Funko describe in their own words what Battle Worlds is all about:

“Pick your Heroes, rescue your friends, and win enough battles to defeat Thanos! Battleworld is a revolutionary, cooperative, expandable, collectible adventure game featuring dozens of characters from across the Marvel Universe! As you play, crack open mysterious Thanostones to reveal the characters inside. There are more than 30 new characters to collect! This Mega Pack jumpstarts your collection with six characters, including two mystery Heroes trapped in Thanostones and an exclusive Vision (Classic) with foil card!”

I know it’s not the right series but here’s a little look at a battle ball I opened from series 2:

When you get a mega pack for $22.99, there’s a fair bit of content to sink your teeth in to! In each pack you will get:

  • 3 heroes
  • 3 hero cards
  • 2 Thanostones (each containing a mystery hero)
  • 2 mystery hero cards
  • 13 battle cards
  • 1 attack die
  • 13 danger tokens
  • 7 armor tokens
  • 1 danger coin
  • 1 set of instructions

Along with all of these the mega pack is a classic Vision themed pack, guaranteed to contain an exclusive classic Vision hero in each pack.

As always you don’t need to buy the whole mega pack, with battle balls available to help you boost your game play for just $9.99. Each of the battle balls contains 1 hero, 1 hero card, 1 thanostone (containing a mystery hero), 1 mystery hero card, 5 battle cards, 1 attack die, 5 danger tokens, 3 armor tokens, 1 danger coin and a set of instructions in case you start with the battle ball rather than the mega pack.

If you don’t want to dive in all the way then these balls are a pretty good way to see what the game is all about and to be honest the figures themselves are pretty cool, so you can also treat them like a 2 figure blind box to collect these little guys!

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