Toy News: Funko Bring out a Huge new Valentines Day Range

Valentine’s Day is always a great opportunity for companies to cash in, and of course Funko are no stranger to launching Valentine’s Day specific pops… But this year their range is absolutely huge and goes way beyond just pop figures.

I want to start with the Funko pops though to get these out of the way. If you know me from previous years you’ll know that I don’t like these valentines Star Wars pops. It’s nothing to do with them being pink as I love the breast cancer awareness pops but these ones just have far too much pink! Just changing their uniforms to pink might look much better in my opinion. This year they have the Mandalorian holding a card (or a tiny pink baby Yoda if you go for the Target exclusive), Ashoka, Baby Yoda (ok Grogu – I still hate that name) or Luke with Baby Yoda. There is also a Funko exclusive Bo-Katan.

The other pop figures are way less offensive to look at – in fact I really like the DIY Mickey and Minnie Walmart exclusive.

Miniatures are the next up and I have to say that 2 of these are very cool indeed. The pocket pop figures for the Office and Batman are nice anyway (yes even the pink Batman ones – see what I mean about just changing the uniform colour), but what makes them even better are those heart shaped chocolate box style tins. These are Walmart exclusives and they also have the Batman and Catwoman pocket pops as keychains along with an exclusive line of mystery minis. These are a line of the office, Valentines themed figures.

The final miniatures are a new range of paka Paka figures for the new original characters, the Villainous Valentines range. Now these are Valentines characters I can get behind.

Those Villainous Valentines figures also have 3 other products which are a set of vinyl figures in their pop style (although I feel like the aesthetic doesn’t really reflect the normal pop look), a few plush figures and pack of valentine’s cards… Although who really needs an 8 pack of Valentine’s cards?

Finally for the Villainous Valentines range we have to move over to the Loungefly brand for a mini backpack, a wallet and a cross body bag.

The plushies don’t end with the Villainous Valentines range but also go back to Disney with a full range of plush backpack clips and a couple of plushies for Mickey and Minnie.

We’re almost at the end of this flood of pink stuff with a brand new product type – the Popsies, which are coming with 3 Valentines lines! These Walmart exclusive figures which displays a loving message when the bow at the front is pressed come with Jack & Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas, Mickey & Minnie and Belle & Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

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