Event News: Lots of new Faces for the Spring Comic Con London by Showmasters

Showmasters have announced a big bunch of guests for their Spring Comic Con in London next month:

Kevin McNally

A prolific actor most well known for playing Gibbs in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. he’s attending on Sunday only with both autographs and photo shoots priced at £20 each.

Lysette Anthony

Her biggest role might have been Lyssa in Krull along with parts in Dracula, Dark Shadows and Hollyoaks. She’ll be there just on Sunday with photos and autographs costing £15 each.

Ariel & Leilani Shiu

Next are Ariel Shiu and her mother Leilani Shiu who worked on the Book of Boba Fett and the Mandalorian. They will both be appearing on both Saturday and Sunday with autographs and photo shoots for each being £15 each. I think it would have been nice to see an option for the photo shoot with the two of them together.

Bob Elmore

He’s done some acting work but is best known for his stunt work, especially in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. He’ll be there both Saturday and Sunday with autographs and photoshoots both being £20 each.

Jodie Whittaker

This is probably the biggest announcement for this event, with Jodie Whittaker, most well known for her role as the doctor in Doctor Who appearing on Saturday only. There are quite a few options available with her. The autograph and solo photo shoot are £75 each with a green screen version of her photo shoot being £85. There’s then also double photo shoot with Mandip Gill for £120. Finally she will be giving a talk at 6pm on Saturday for £25. if you want to combine it all and get the diamond pass it’s £220.

Mandip Gill

As I just mentioned, the Doctors companion in Doctor Who for the past few seasons is also joining the con. She will however be there an extra day, with her joining the con on Saturday and Sunday. Along with the double photo shoot there is a solo photo shoot for £25 each and autographs for the same price.

Leigh Gill

Known for his work on the Witcher, Joker and Game of Thrones, he’ll be there just on Saturday with both autographs and photo shoots being £15 each.

Ron Millkie

Coming to a British convention for the first time is officer Dorf from Friday the 13th, Ron Millkie. He’ll be there on both Saturday and Sunday with autographs and photoshoots each being £15.

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