Toy News: The Batman Funko Range – This is a Huge new Line

Funko have just announced a huge new line for DC’s The Batman, and whilst the Batman figures are much the same as what we’re used to from Batman pops, some of the others are absolutely awesome looking – starting with the Riddler, which is available as a pop, pocket pop keychain and part of a 4 pack containing him, the Batman, Catwoman and Oswald Cobblepot. It is however the only of the common pops without a chase or alternative sculpts (the batman one can be purchased with either of the sculpts). The other common pops (with chases) are Batman with or without weapons, Catwoman with or without a mask and Oswald with or without a jacket.

Batman is available in a few other versions as well including a common jumbo version and exclusives as follows:

  • Pop in a box have him without his mask on.
  • Target have him in his civilian clothes.
  • Hot topic have him with some battle damage on his mask and dirty clothing.
  • Funko have him in a wing suit which looks more like a latex vaccum suit… Kinky!

They’ve not stopped at the pops however and there are a few other items being releases as well, including the Batman and Catwoman figures turned in to pocket pop keychains, Batman in what is probably the best looking batmobile they’ve ever made and Catwoman on a bike.

Finally there are also plush versions of Batman and Catwoman.

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