Funko Pop Hunting in Lakeside Shopping Center, Thurrock

I haven’t been to Lakeside in Thurrock, Essex for YEARS! We were there the other day, partly to enjoy a hearty TGI Fridays meal, but also while we were there to have a bit of a browse. It was quite busy so we may well have missed a few shops but here’s an account of the main shops we found stocking Funko products. The biggest surprise however for us was that we didn’t see a single Funko Pop in The Entertainer which we’ve always found to be the best bet for pops… Not sure what that was about!


HMV has been changing the way it operates for a few years now, especially since it went into administration, with the biggest change being the move into collectibles. This is probably the best-looking HMV shop I’ve been in, especially from a collectors perspective. It was more like walking into a massive comic book store than a record shop.

I would say that a good quarter of the collectibles section was dedicated to Funko products, with a HUGE variety of franchises represented… Here are some of the best products I saw while we were there… Did you spot anything in the photos which I missed?

  • Blacklight Demogorgon and Dustin (I couldn’t see Eleven – had they had her in stock too I would have got this mini set)
  • DIY Jack Skellington
  • Britney Spears (mainly just because I’d never seen this one before)
  • Skeletor with snake mountain
  • Jumbo He-Man
  • Vanessa Kensington
  • DIY Simba
  • Leech
  • Flocked KiraraVirtual Con exclusivr Sandy
  • Jumbo Gizmo
  • Evil-Lyn
  • Bounty Hunters colelction Bossk
  • Leatherface

HMV always has a great selection of pop culture t-shirts, and always have done, but this one had a really decent range of Funko t-shirts. I think I counted about 12, not counting the Star Wars cereal boxes, each of which contains a Funko t-shirt or my favorite which was Dustin’s toolbox set. Other non-Pop items from Funko which I saw were a bunch of Pocket Pop key chains and advent calendars – which still weren’t really discounted at all. There were also 2 different Gold vinyls and 3 pins.

I didn’t get any of the pop mystery boxes, but they were priced at £10 each with 2 pops in each box. There are 2 different colored boxes with different content in each of these. I really don’t know what these will be like, but their normal mystery boxes usually aren’t the best so I can’t see the pops in these being the best.


This game actually had a fairly small selection compared our our local one, but nevertheless it was a decent sized shelf, and there were a few jumbo pops in the mix too.

It always surprises me that for a game shop, they have such a small selection of gaming pops. To be honest there wasn’t anything overly interesting other than the GI Joe Shipwreck which I’ve not seen before and a few of the Stay Puft pops from the latest movie.


Considering that the Hamleys store in London became the main hub in the UK for retail sales of Funkos as a pop up Funko Europe store in their basement… All they had in here was a selection of 2 Frozen pops… Young Elsa and Anna. That was a disappointment to say the least!


Finally, determined not to let me down was Menkind which always has a nice selection of Pops, but they’re usually not the cheapest either. I hated the WandaVision show and haven’t been interested in the pops, but seeing it in person in here I have to admit that the 50s Vision does look pretty cool! The only other bits I saw in here which were cool were:

  • Skeletor on Night Stalker
  • Zombie Falcon
  • T’Challa Star Lord
  • Blacklight Iron Man (actually one of my favorite pops which I always love to see – sadly I didn’t realise how much I liked this pop until I sold it)
  • Jam Master Jay
  • Ecto-1 with Trevor
  • Jumbo Boba Fett
  • Super Shredder
  • Judy Jetson

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