10 Best FigPin Announcements of 2021

I’m not yet a big collector of FigPins as they’re just not easy to find down here where I am in the arse end of the UK, but the more I write about them in my news segment the more I’m getting drawn in, so here are my top picks from the announcements made by them this year, and hopefully I can start a decent FigPin collection of my own in the coming months… Time to populate that app!

These are all in alphabetical order, but if I had to pick a number, the run away winner would by far be the MTv Moon Person – I absolutely love that design.

What are your favorite releases / announcements for this year from FigPin?

CharacterFranchiseExclusivityFigPin #Run SizeImage
Boba Fett (Black & silver edition)the Mandalorian7372,000
CornholioBeavis & ButtheadFigPin6662,000
Clone TrooperStar Wars: The Clone Wars574Open
Darth MaulStar Wars: The Clone Wars575Open
Darth Vader (Gold 50th Anniversary edition)Star WarsFigPin5002,000
ElevenStranger ThingsFigPin7111,000
Kenny McCormickSouth Park680Open
Moon PersonMTv1st Edition Walmart
2nd Edition open
Spider-GwenMarvel Contest of ChampionsFigPin6762,000
XL LogoFigPinFigPinLX11,000

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