Netflix Cowboy Bebop Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This Netflix show has had its fair share of hype, disappointment, anger, love and just about everything else in between depending on what your history is with the cowboy bebop franchise. So let me tell you a little about my history with it to give the following review a bit of context…  I have literally no history with it what so ever!  I think might have once seen a little snippet of one episode… Maybe?

If that’s how far back your history with it goes and you’re a fan of pretty much anything from the world’s of sci-fi, action or crime, I see no real reason why you might not like this show!

For me, being a newcomer to the franchise I have to say that I have instantly fallen in love with the characters (yep pretty much all of them), the story, the style and even the craft that lets them fly around space.  This show, for me at least has just about everything I’d want from a Netflix series, and unless I’m the only one who feels like this, I actually see no reason just this would be the first and last series. (Note – this review was written a little while ago and I only just got round to uploading it, and we have of course since learned that Cowboy Bepop will sadly not be extended to a second season – Boooooo netlifx!).

Of course there are those who aren’t such big fans, and those are mainly fans of the anime show who feel like the franchise has been butchered.  I for one will be going the other way to check out the original once I run out of episodes to watch.  As it stands, I really couldn’t comment on how close it is to the anime or how it compares, so please do give me your thoughts in the comments!

The show centers around Jet and Spike who are bounty hunters, called cowboys in this universe, and they are later joined by Faye Valentine on their ship, the Bebop.  The show is mainly them trying to catch bounties, and I wouldn’t say they’re all that good at it, with other little stories intertwining between. The story telling us done very well, with a level of continuity while also bringing a fresh story each week.

There is one thing in particular though which makes this show stand out and which adds a lot of the charm it oozes… The style!

For me the style is something totally different.  It is set in space… It’s a futuristic show with one person space ships, bounty hunting, rail guns (although I hear they’re a scam – if you know, you know) and hologram phone calls…  But on the flip side they still use weapons with gun powder ammo, the fashion isn’t always futuristic (some times even having a 40s or 50s style) and some people still drive petrol cars.  It can be easy to forget in some episodes that it’s set in the future.  I do think that for me this is the biggest appeal for the show – other than the fact that I’d say it is almost flawlessly executed.

If you love the anime, give this a go, you never know you might even like it…  If you haven’t ever seen it, then I really do recommend you give this show a watch… Just be warned that it might take up a lot of your spare time!

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