The Best 30 Funko Pops from 2021

This year has been a very busy one for Funko, however with some 2991 Pops listed on the Funko app for this year, it has actually only been the 4th busiest year for pops, with much of their business coming from all their other products this year from masks and Christmas tree decorations to digital pops and getting involved with online games.

As you can imagine choosing the original 20 I wanted to choose was pretty tough going, so that became 25 and I decided to stop at 30! I have to say that most of their better work this year in my opinion came in the last quarter of the year.

Now this is just my own personal list of which pops I like most from 2021 – I’m not interested in to getting in to a discussion about why you think I’m wrong… but what I would LOVE to see is what your favourites were from the year to see if I missed any!

Alebrije DanteCocoGlow in the dark Box Lunch exclusive
AlienThey Live
Artist DeadpoolMarvelBlack Light Gamestop exclusive
Banana SlurpeeAd IconsGlitter 7Eleven exclusive
Black NoirThe BoysVirtual Funkon exclusive
Bride of FrankensteinUniversalWalgreens exclusive
CanAd Icons“I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” edition
Conan as Dr Ian MalcolmConan O’BrienTBS exclusive
Darth MaulStar WarsChalice Collectibles exclusive
ElevenStranger ThingsBlack Light Target exclusive
Freddy FunkoFunkoBox of Fun exclusive
Freddy Funko as Skull TrooperFunkoBox of Fun exclusive
HulkMarvelBlack Light Target exclusive Jumbo
Jimi HendrixRocksGlow in the dark 2021 Fall Convention exclusive
John LennonRocksEntertainment Earth exclusive
Johnny BravoCartoon Network
Kool Aid PacketAd IconsFunko HQ exclusive
Mr DNAJurassic ParkTarget exclusive
Neothe Matrix
Pizza RatAd IconsNew York Comic Con exclusive
Proto PunkFunkoFundays exclusive
RaphaelEastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesBlack and White Chase Version PX Previews exclusive
Red MillerMandyBloody
SoldierU.S. Army
SpockStar TrekPops with Purpose
Stewardess with white bagPan Am
StormtrooperStar WarsJumbo Targetcon exclusive
Super ShredderTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesDiamon Edition Target exclusive
ToucanAd IconsWood Effect San Diego Comic Con exclusive
Wonder WomanDC BombshellsPops with Purpose

2 thoughts on “The Best 30 Funko Pops from 2021

    1. Oh nice, which ones? A lot of these haven’t made it over to the uk or have insane reseller prices over here… I do moan a bit about the rate of things being released by funko lol bit I have to say that the pops in the second half of this year have really had some absolute beauties amongst them!


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