Bob Ross Funko Digital Pops Review

When Funko started making NFTs this was what got me interested in the world of virtual collectibles… Just like their real-world products, Funko has a knack for making stuff look great and drawing you in. If there’s one thing I would love it would be for them to release actual trading card sets in the style of these NFTs. I also really like Bob Ross, the man was an inspiration and continues to just put smiles on people’s faces… So needless to say that this set of NFTs from Funko was almost the one I looked forward to the most (coming in just behind the Star Trek set).

Right from the start however I was a bit conflicted because I don’t feel comfortable with anything which merchandises the Ross brand because of the way the Kowalskis have behaved following Bob’s death and the way his son, Steve Ross was able to use his father’s (and as such his own) name. If you want to know more about this I highly recommend the Netlfix documentary, Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed.

However, my love for the Bob Ross image and the joy his likeness still brings to people, including myself got the better of me and I did buy a couple of standard packs and a premium pack, although I did get my dates mixed up and had to buy second hand.

As with everything Funko, the digital pops attract a huge number of scalpers so it’s VERY hard to get in on the actual official release, being beaten to the punch by bots (which I think have actually made it even more difficult since the move to the Droppp system) and I ended up paying $80 for those 3 packs which should have cost me just $49.97… and I really wish that I hadn’t bothered as the only people who benefitted were the Kowalskis, Funko and some guy who happened to have the cheapest packs on the wax marketplace on that day.

Maybe it was the way I’d hyped it up in my head after seeing the advert for these first getting released or the fact that I had much less luck with my rarities than with the Star Trek set (which was amazing for me), but this set was just a huge disappointment.

There are 4 redeemable ones and I didn’t get a single one of these. The 3 Bob Ross ones look amazing and I’d love to have one in my collection once the physical pops get released, but I really don’t like the Freddy Funko one… maybe because it just looks like Chucky wants to decorate my house.

Beyond that I do really like the Bob Ross they have drawn, the splattered white Freddy Funko is very nice, the Happy Tree is cute and I like Max Tokenhead as Bob Ross… What I don’t like AT ALL is the Bob Ross soda NFT!

I think what disappointed me the most though is that because there aren’t that many characters they can do when they have a focus like Bob Ross, you get the same things over and over with a bunch of color variations and it just ends up getting boring. I wish they had either added more other characters, made it a mini drop or maybe combined it as an artist series. I think they could have touched so many people with a set which showed off Bob Ross alongside people like Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and if you wanted to go even more contemporary also people someone like Banksy or another modern street artist… Mr Doodle maybe? I just really feel that as much as I love Bob Ross and think the pops they have made of him have always been amazing – one man just isn’t quite enough for a full set of virtual trading cards!

To see the full catalog click here – as I said its really not the most diverse or exciting set out there!

To give you an idea of the rarity distribution I had from my 3 packs / 25 cards, I got:

  • Series – None
  • Common – 12 (this includes 1 set of doubles and 1 set of 4 of a kind!)
  • Uncommon – 6 (this includes 1 set of doubles)
  • Rare – 6 (this includes 1 set of doubles)
  • Epic – 1
  • Legendary – None
  • Grail – None
  • 1 of 1 – None

This is the first time I really thought, well this was a total virtual waste of real money and I’m super bummed out about that after buying something Bob Ross associated. I do wonder whether Funko are quickly getting comfortable with the digital asset world or are trying to cash in before people get fed up of the digital pops… it does feel like this set was rushed a little – it wasn’t that long ago when the Star Trek set was released. I really must review that one because that was an amazing set which I had huge amounts of luck with, scoring 3 redeemable ones!

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