Toy News: Gekko x Nerd Life Skull Dude Series 1 First Look at Packaging

Coming in 2022 is the first designer toy that we here at Nerd Life are bringing to the market, and it’s going to be a blind packaged series of just 40 figures. Announced last night on Tik Tok was the first look at the full product including the packaging and the figure inside (which we had already given a quick sneak peek at before).


introducing series 1 of the #skull #dude #designertoy #blindbox made from 100% #recycledplastic – launching 2022

♬ DARE – Gorillaz

These new figures are 3d printed using PLA plastic which is both 100% recycled (mostly from the filament production process and factory waste) and 100% recyclable, should you grow tired of it and want it out of circulation… Although hopefully, we won’t come to that with anyone! The figures are hand-finished by myself before being painted and then packaged in recyclable aluminum tins, nestled amongst shredded damaged comic books. We have put all the effort we possibly can into making this one of the most sustainable plastic designer toys on the market today!

These are packaged as blind tins with a pull-top lid, meaning that you get the fun of a blind toy without 3 layers of non-recyclable packaging!

This is the first series of this figure which was designed by sticker street artist, Gekko who is also hand painting all of the pieces in this line, so there will not be 2 figures which are identical in the whole set of 40 figures. These 40 figures will be split between the following designs with these chances of getting each one:

  • White background with blue and pink splats (like the prototype) 1:2
  • White background with black splats 1:5
  • Bronze chrome 1:8
  • Glow in the dark 1:10
  • Gold chrome 1:20
  • Acid smiley 1:40

This first series of blind toys will be launching in 2022, with the plan being that this will be at the 2022 Toy Con event in London.

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