NFT News: Funko Digital Bob Ross Line Coming Soon

Launching on the Droppp NFT system (part of the wax blockchain) is the latest line of NFTs from Funko Digital, and this is a really cool one featuring Bob Ross. Although I have to say that since watching the Bob Ross documentary a little while ago I do feel a bit conflicted about Bob Ross licensed merch and the ass hats who benefit from his name, rather than his son… But as with anything to do with Bob Ross, these do look so nice!

They will be launching on 21st December at 11AM PT. Check out Digital.Funko.Com for full details!

As always there will be 2 different packs. The standard pack (24,000 minted) will contain 5 digital pops for $9.99 while the premium pack (8,000 minted) will contain 15 digital pops for $29.99.

Even these virtual packets look so good don’t they! really do wish that these were made into real foil packaging as I would love to own something like that. Speaking of real life stuff there is going to be a redeemable NFT for what are the 3 best looking Bob Ross figure out there, limited to just 999 and a 0.42% chance of getting one of the normal colored ones and then a 1% chance for each of the other 2 which are plain white (with 2 different sculpts) and then splattered with paint. There is a final redeemable one which is a Freddy Funko as Bob Ross and that will have 3,400 made and a 1.64% chance but personally, I’m not a fan… at all!

Go check out the catalogue, because there are some amazing looking NFTs in this range – I think maybe some of their best yet!

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