Toy News: Funko Release 4 new Artist Series Pops Including Disney, DC & TMNT

I always start these the same way – so if you’ve been following my news since way back when it was still all called nerd news, you’ll know that I can’t stand this series, and thanks for the Target Funko Fridays, and their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles artist series line, they’re keeping the tradition alive. They have already done the 4 turtles and now they have also done master Splinter and it is as disgusting as I was expecting. It is awful, but I do wonder if they can try to salvage the line with the Shredder one which is being announced on 17th December.

Next are another 2 artist series pop figures which are Target exclusives. This DC series includes Mr Freeze and Catwoman, and I have to say that these 2 are actually pretty good – in fact I have to admit that I do like that Catwoman one!

Finally, an Amazon exclusive which once again has actually come out looking pretty good – Mickey Mouse from the Disney treasures of the vault – the conductor version.

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