Fashion & Lifestyle News: Funko x Hallmark Christmas Ornaments out now at Target

Available now from Target is a set of not just a couple but a huge 21 different Christmas tree ornaments produced by hallmark in the Funko pop style, and it’s a really eclectic collection of different characters. These are all Target exclusives so I’d be interested to hear from people as to what you think of them if you have one. It’s going to take a lot to decorate your whole tree with these though because some of the prices are incredibly high. The full range is below but the online shop is a bit confusing. It looks like the normal price is $9.98 but there are other ones available by other sellers on walmart like its’s some kind of Amazon marketplace!

  1. Skeletor
  2. Sally
  3. Phoebe Buffay
  4. Michael Scott
  5. Jack Skellington
  6. Stay Puft Machmallow Man
  7. Groot
  8. Rachel Green
  9. Lord Voldemort
  10. Monica Geller
  11. Dwight Schrute
  12. The Mandalorian with the Child
  13. Gizmo
  14. Spider-Man
  15. Batman as Ebenezer Scrooge
  16. Deadpool
  17. The Child
  18. Harry Potter
  19. Minecraft Steve in Gold
  20. Buddy the Elf
  21. Superman

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