Toy News: Hasbro Transformers x Jurassic Park Collaboration

Hasbro have gone and combined two absolutely iconic images from my childhood! That sweet Jurassic Park 4×4 with an absolutely gorgeous-looking Transformer. This beauty is available to pre-order now from Zavvi for £112.99 with a release date set for the 31st January 2022. But that’s not all, because that £112.99 doesn’t just get you the amazing Autobot JP93 but also a second collaboration dubbed the Tyrannocon Rex

These 2 figures are both heavily inspired by the Jurassic Park franchise, especially the first move and in true Transformers style, The Tyrannocon Rex figure converts into T. rex mode in 27 steps and the Autobot JP93 figure converts into the Ford Explorer mode in 18 steps. Whilst the Tyrannocon Rex just comes as itself (and lets face it, it doesn’t need anything else), the Autobot JP93 comes with a blaster accessory that can attach to figure in both modes.

The packaging is inspired by the iconic T. rex attack scene in Jurassic Park

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