Fashion & Lifestyle News: Keyrings & a Pin Badge from Games Workshop

Coming just in time for Christmas, Games Workshop are releasing 5 new Keychains (at £7.99 each) as well as 1 pin (at £11.99 each) which are available to pre-order now from the Games Wokshop online store with an expected delivery date of the 4th December. These are all made in collaboration with Starforged.

The pin is anImperial Aquila purity seal for the Imperium of Mankind and this thing is seriously cool! The seal itself is cast metal whilst there is a sheepskin leather piece at the bottom of it.

2 of the keychains are small solid cast metal showing a melta bomb as well as a bolt round, whilst the other 3 are metal with coloured inlays showing the shields for Khornate, Ultramarines Ultima Storm and Sigmarite.

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