NFT News: Star Trek x Funko NFT Release Coming to

Now this is an NFT drop I can get behind and I for one can’t wait until 30th November to spend my $60 limit on to try and bag some of these 48,000 virtual packs! These are still on the WAX blockchain bu rather than going through Wax Wallet, you will use the Droppp system to buy these – make sure to sign up before hand to make it smooth sailing for you.

This drop will focus on the Original Series of Star Trek and as usual there will be 2 different sized packs available. The Standard pack will cost $9.99 and contains 5 digital pops, whilst the premium pack containing 15 digital pops will cost you $29.99. Out of those 48,000 packs, 36k will be standard and 12k premium.

As well as the digital pops there is also going to be a redeemable one which you can get allowing you to receive a physical vinyl reward in the near future… I know these always help to sweeten the deal a lot for people! The physical rewards available are:

  • Spock limited to 999
  • Captain Kirk limited to 1,967
  • Scotty limited to 1,967
  • Klingon limited to 1,967
  • Freddy Funko limted to 2,422

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