Toy News: Funko Release Deluxe Version of their Pop Albums

The Pop Albums have had a few releases now and in the past I always really liked them because they took the image from the cover (which wasn’t always the artist) and made a pop of the subject of that cover to sit in front of it. This made for a cool, large display without being overly expensive. What they have done now is make deluxe versions of this project which to me look a bit like cheap fan made display cases with an album cover on the left, with no associated pop in front of it, and then pops of the band or group to the right. Don’t get me wrong, they look like nice displays, but I just think they’ve taken away from the original concept a bit.

Recent releases for this line in Walmart include Back in Black by AC/DC, Destroyer by Kiss, Appetite for Destruction by Kiss and keeping in with the theme of the other rock and metal albums, NSYNC by NSYNC. Join these, and this is actually the Deluxe album I saw advertised first is Waiting for the Sun by the Doors, which is available to pre-order for a December release.

These displays measure 23 inches wide so are certainly going to be impressive. What do you think of these compared to the original run of Pop albums?

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