Fashion & Lifestyle News: Funko Release a new Range of Mandalorian Grogu Products

In time for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon parade for which Funko have been showing off their huge Grogu (I hate that name, let’s go back to Baby Yoda) balloon for a while now, are following this up with a big new range of Baby yoda gear. They’re going all out as well, with a pop and keychain based off that balloon, and then another pop where he is standing up and levitating that knob he likes to play with. Beyond that it’s all other assorted stuff!

Looks like they’ve put Baby Yoda on just about any customizable product they could find! They’ve got 2 hoodies, 2 adult t-shirts & 1 kids t-shirt (which is good to see, I think kids often get forgotten with these releases), an enamel keychain, a beanie, mini backpack, mug, blanket and even a luggage tag!

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