Toy News: CandyLab Toys x Starbucks Reserve Exclusives

I like the look of the vehicles which Candylab make anyway, but these ones (especially that NYC one) are a whole new level and you can see that they are a very well thought out bespoke product for Starbucks reserve – the even fancier end of the Starbuck brand with roastery and coffee bars specializing in rare coffees. These vans are made from solid walnut with a rose-gold cast aluminium base and 5 different paint jobs. 3 of these to celebrate the 3 Starbucks Reserve locations in the USA (and it is at these 3 locations where they are exclusively available from) and 2 for the Starbucks reserve heritage.

The 3 locations where these will be available from are:

61 9th Ave. NY 10011, New York
646 N Michigan Ave., Chicago
1124 Pike St, Seattle

I’d LOVE to get my hands on these – hopefully I’ll find them somewhere some time, I certainly won’t be seeing them in the wild, as I won’t be making it back stateside until around this time next year!

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