The Categorized Nerdy Christmas Gift Guide for 2021

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the nerd in your life, no matter if their interests are trading cards, action figures, movies, gaming, or designer toys, you’re surely going to get some inspiration here! I’ve got some categorized gift ideas below with a top 5 for each… I know it’s all stuff I’d want!

Top 5 Gamer Gift Guide

1 – Dying Light 2

This one is going to over-shoot the mark for Christmas a little bit as it’s not going to be out until 31st December, but any fan of open world gaming is going to forgive having to wait an extra week for this beauty. The first game was an game changer so this is certainly an anticipated title.

£44.99 (for the XBox version) on Go2Games

2 – Fallout TUBBZ Cosplaying Duck

You can never go wrong with Fallout and who doesn’t like a good rubber duckie? The TUBBZ range has a huge number to choose from now, but the Vault Boy is still one of the most iconic characters of recent years that he just makes sense as an example.

£12.99 from Go2Games

3 – Razer Mobile Gaming Controller

For anyone who loves gaming, doing so on your phone can be a great way to waste some time but also a huge source of frustration because the controls can be awful. That’s where this game controller for Android comes in and takes mobile phone gaming to a whole new level!

£74.99 from Go2Games

4 – Disney Classic Games: Definitive Edition

Bringing the joy of Disney as well as a sense of nostalgia to your chosen console this year, and with a release date of 3rd December, it’s going to arrive with plenty of time to spare before Christmas.

£27.85 (for the Switch, PS4 or the XBox One) on Go2Games

This is a bit of a more novelty item for gamers, especially adventure fans. It’s never going to actually be part of a cosplay outfit, but for the winter months this point beanie hat with a gold embroidered logo on the front is definitely going to make some one smile.

£18.99 from EMP

TV & Movie Fan Gift Guide

1 – Framed Movie Prints

The one I selected in the image below is of the DeLorean to celebrate 35 years of Back to the Future, but starting from £13.59 each, 16″ x 12″ and framed, there are loads of movies to choose from!

£13.59+ From GB Posters

2 – Cowboy Bebop Collectors Edition

With the liveaction version of Cowboy Bebop having just come to Netflix, it seemed like this was the perfect example of a Blu-Ray collectors edition. Zavvi always stock a huge number of collectors editions and steelbooks for movies – often limited edition and exclusive to Zavvi.

£44.99 from Zavvi

3 – Jungle Cruise 4K Ultra Zavvi Exclusive Steelbook

As I said, lot’s of the steelbooks which Zavvi stock are Zavvi exclusives, just like this 4K Ultra HD version of the new Disney movie with the Rock. The movie features a number of deleted scenes, outtakes and behind the scenes moments, but the main raw of this steelbook is of course the box itself.

£32.99 from Zavvi

4 – Smartphone Projector V. 2

This is a nice cheap way to turn your smartphone in to a projection unit with the use of just the included cardboard box and a lense at the front of it. It’s super simple, lightweight and cheap. Although if you’re going to go for movie watching on your phone, you’ll probably want to pair this with the speakers below!

£20 from MenKind

Bonus gift idea – Imagine the scene now, you’re sitting in the bath, relaxing with your smartphone projector behind you and your favorite movie playing on the wall at the end of your feet… But what about the sound? Connect this waterproof speaker wirelessly to take care of that issue!

£12 from MenKind

5 – Jurassic Park 24K Gold Plated Ticket

Zavvi have released a number of these tickets which are always limited edition, exclusive to Zavvi and 24 karat gold plated. I have one myself for Fallout Nuka World, and I think these are such a cool and original gift which any movie fan will love having in their display collection!

£34.99 from Zavvi

Toy Fan Gift Guide

1 – Lego Hogwarts Clock Tower

One of the current best sellers for Lego on the Hamley’s store, it covers so many bases from fans of lego, toys, movies, books and specifically Harry Potter. I’m a firm believer that Lego makes for one of the most engaging and versatile gifts on the market. Got my fingers crossed I get my annual Lego treat as usual!

£82.99 from Hamleys

2 – Playmobil Back to the Future, Marty’s Pickup

Last year the big Back to the Future Playmobil release was the DeLorean and I saw plenty of those on the shelves (I even picked up one myself), but this year you can add to the Back to the Future garage with Martys pickup truck. Playmobile is getting more and more collector attention and I’m glad to watch this brand grow.

£40 from Hamleys

3 – Star Wars RC D-O Toy

D-O is a small droid from the Star Wars franchise which becomes fixated on BB-8 to make for one of the cutest of the droids. Who knew that tech would be so good these days for toys that this single wheeled cutie can be remote controlled, complete with 360 degree spins and cute sounds! It’ll look pretty cool on the shelf too!

£49.09 from Hamleys

4 – Pac Man x Tamagotchi

Tamagotchis are such cool little toys from our past that these old school virtual pets still hold a dear spot in the hearts of many collectors today and are a great discovery for the younger generations too. This particular one is a mashup with Pac Man and comes with a yellow round Pac Man soft protective shell.

£21.99 from Zavvi

5 – Robo Kombat Balloon Puncher 2 Pack

I mean, I never said that the toys would need to be collectable, look good or have purpose. Even nerds sometimes just want to have fun… and these boxing robots with balloons for heads certainly look like a lot of fun!

£43 from MenKind

Trading Card Gift Guide

1 – Garbage Pail Kids 2021 Series 4 Figurines

If they like trading cards, there’s a good chance that they know the Garbage Pail Kids line from Topps, and at the moment they are selling the 4th series of resin figures based on some of the most memorable cards. These are 3.5 inches tall and come in a box to match the figure, along with a copy of the card.

£15 from

2 – Wand Company Die-Cast Pokemon Poke Ball

This has to be the ultimate collectible for the Pokemon fan in your life – these replica Poke Balls are absolutely beautiful and everything about them looks and feels high quality and heavy duty. They’re high quality die cast metal replicas with a glowing multicolored flashing button the front and come in a lovely high end display box.

£99.99 from Zavvi

3 – Official Pokemon Encyclopedia

There are a lot of books on the market for Pokemon, especially things like annuals, but for the most up to date and complete book on the product, this official guide is your best bet.

£13.99 from Zavvi

4 – Magic the Gathering Innistrad Midnight Hunt Bundle

This is a great bundle for people who want to get in to the game or are opening Magic the Gathering cards just for fun rather than for big return investment. This pack includes 8 Hunt Set booster packs, 1 foil promo card, 40 basic land cards, a glow in the dark life counter and some other goodies in a cool display box.

£41.99 from EMP

5 – Pokemon Chilling Reign Elite Trainer Box

I know that Chilling Reign is no longer the newest set on the market but that does mean that it has made the Elite Trainer Box for the set a lot more affordable and a perfect gift for anyone getting in to the game.

£37.99 from Zavvi

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