Toy News: San Diego Comic Con Funko Exclusives

San Diego Comic Con is back in person and Funko will be once again attending, so it looks like you’ll be seeing them back at cons more regularly now – it was a shame that they weren’t at MCM in London earlier this month. But with that they’re coming with some exclusives, and I have to say that the American con mascot exclusives are some of the best which Funko make, and these ones are no different! They’re going to be offering 3 different ones which are the red and blue robotic ones, which almost look like a rock em sock em robots style, and that gorgeous wood carved style. LOVE THESE!

On top of this they are also bringing some Pop Asia exclusives to the con which includes a few DC pops in the form of those greyscale Superman and Wonder Woman figures as well as an exclusive Flash, but what’s really cool are those 3 for Fortune, Happiness and Longevity with that Chinese pottery style in white and blue. Those 3 figures are absolutely stunning and I would say amongst these Comic Con exclusives we’re looking at certainly a couple of the nicest pops of the year… Speaking of which it’s about time I have a think about my top 10 or top 20 list for the year.

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