Toy News: 6 New Funko Soda Figures Coming Soon Including Kong, Willy Wonka, Eleven and Venom

Funko have announced 6 new Soda vinyl figures, and even that they will be getting released to Funko Europe pretty much right away too along with the American releases… Although a release date is not set just yet. As always it’s a mixed bag of figures and covers a range of franchises. Most of them being movie figures; Venom limited to 8,000 (with a tongue out chase), Kong (from Godzilla vs Kong) limited to just 4,000 (with a flocked chase)*, Willy Wonka (the original Gene Wilder rather than creepy Johnny Depp) limited to just 5,000 (with a chase holding a golden ticket) and finally Jay from Jay and Silent Bob with a limit of just 5,000 (with a glow in the dark chase).

Rounding out the other franchises are Fleegle from the Banana Splits limited to just 2,500 with a flocked chase and Eleven from Stranger Things which surprisingly only has 6,000 coming out and the chase sees her wearing the blonde wig.

It’s nice to see that this release is seeing some more limited numbers!

Which one is your favourite? for me it has to be either Jay or the chase Kong!

One thing I will point out about this release is that there is a big discrepancy between the numbers shown on the images published by Funko on their social media pages (which is what I have gone off of) and the images on sales sites. If you click through to the links above for the various items the numbers actually appear to be:

  • Willy Wonka – 10,000
  • Kong – 12,500
  • Fleegle – 8,500
  • Eleven – 12,500
  • Jay – 8,500

The images also have different coloured packaging.

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