Toy News: KidRobot VirtualCon Releases Live Now

KidRobot have been releasing a number of products for their VirtualCon over this weekend which are coming out in limited numbers and it was a bit of a strange one to fit in to a news category. I’m going for toy news because that’s what KidRobot is best known for, but as it stands I’ve got just a single toy to report on, but if they continue to list more virtual con releases this may change – I can’t find much info at the moment about how long they’ll be releasing drops. All of these drops are going live on the official KidRobot website.

I’ll start with that first toy which is a vinyl figure by Chris Dokebi called the Puck Little Painter which actually sold out already and is an absolutely gorgeous figure so I’m not surprised. It’s a $75 5″ vinyl.

Next we have 3 different watches, which is something we don’t see much of in our nerdy collectables circles, but these 3 watches look absolutely great, but if you like the look of them get in there quick because the Quiccs TEQ63 watch (OG Black Edition) sold out very quickly and is now only still available as part of the $400 triple pack. All 3 watches are usually $165 each with this particular one being the rarest of the 3 with just 500 produced.

The other 2 watches each have 1,000 for sale they are the Tokidoki Salary Man Tiger watch and Ron English MC Supersized watch.

All 3 of them come in really nice looking boxes too.

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