Fashion & Lifestyle News: Numskull to Release Ceramic Cup Range Called CosCups

We know that the TUBBZ range by Numskull is loving known as their set of cosplaying ducks, so now that they’ve decided to bring out a range of ceramic cups it seems fitting that these should be cosplaying cups too! And of course, what else to call them by CosCups. I have to say that whilst I do like them, they have quite a Tiki Cup feel to them a bit like the Geeki Tiki range, but I think that’s more just because of the size and shape. These certainly have a lot more colour and a far more cartoony style to them. I think for any nerdy collector of cups or just as your new favourite cup for everyday use, these are going to be a welcome addition to the marketplace.

One big difference between these and other geeky cups is that they have a moulded silicone sleeve to protect your hand if youre using it for a nice hot drink.

They’re kicking the range off with 5 Ghostbusters cups featuring Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Winston Seddemore, Egon Spengler and the Stay Puft man.

These 400ml / 14oz cups are available now from Just Geek for £17.99 each (or 2 for £30) or £75 for the full set for pre-order. It sounds like this line will be getting more franchises added in the coming year!

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