Toy News: Funko to Release Vision & Scarlet Witch Pop Comic Covers and WandaVision Mini Moments

2 new drops are due for Funko in the coming months with pre orders already open. The focus of these are the characters of Scarlet Witch and Vision from the Marvel franchise, but in a few different contexts… One thing they all have in common though is that these are all Target exclusive items. The first of these, and probably most anticipated are the Marvel Comic Covers series with number 1 being Vision and the Scarlet Witch and number 2 being the Avengers.

The second part of this drop which can be pre-ordered from today is the first third of the WandaVision mini moments series, with these 2 representing the 50s and 60s, and the other 4 being from other decades, although so far the full concept art for these 4 hasn’t been revealed yet. If you loved the show I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out at least the 3rd and 4th instalments.

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