Toy News: KidRobot x The Met Dunny Collection

Available to pre-order now from the KidRobot website is a whole new series of Dunny figures for all sorts of different sizes and celebrating a wide range of different exhibits and themes from the Met museum. This also means that there is something for just about every budget and to suit almost everyone’s tastes! This collection commemorates 150 years of the Met.

Firstly there are the limited edition KidRobot x The Met collaborative series of 8 inch masterpiece Dunny figures. There are 5 available in the collection including those celebrating Mondrian (composition), Monet (bouquet of sunflowers), Louis C. Tiffany (magnolias and irises), Hokusai (great wave) and the world of ancient Egypt (coffin of Itamun). These 8 inch figures retail at $150 each and will be released in the final quarter of 2022.

The most limited part of the series is the single design issued in 20 inches which is the Hokusai great wave retailing at $500 each.

Finally (although there are a couple of other figures which have already been released and in some cases sold out) for this part of the pre-order series for next year’s release are the 3 inch figures retailing at a much more inclusive $24.99. Out of these there are 4 new designs; Demuth (I saw the figure 5 in gold), Ancient Greece (Panathenaic amphora), Hokusai (great wave) and Monet (bouquet of sunflowers).

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