Gaming News: Bethesda Launch DOOM Eternal Update 6.66

Bethesda have launched update 6.66 for DOOM eternal, and they’re not kidding when they say that its their biggest free update to date… this thing is absolutely huge and will also be coming to Nintendo Switch as soon as its ready to go.

So what have they added to the game with this update?

Horde mode

Its time to go old school arcade mode as wave after wave of demons comes at you while you battle for the ultimate top score in this survival match. You start with just 3 lives and a combat shotgun and ofcourse the chainsaw with new weapons unlockable in the arena but no checkpoints. But its not never ending and you will be able to play 5 rounds in each campaign. Scores are tallied at the end of each round and when you complete the campaign your score goes on the global leader board for your difficulty.

2 new master levels

Mars core and the world spear are the 2 new master levels added to the game although you have to own DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part Two to play The World Spear Master Level.

Battlemode 2.0

Battlemode has been upgraded to offer a higher level of challenge for better players and allow newer players the room to grow by matching your skill level to other players where possible. This allows for a better way for players to increase rank, unlock rewards and produce a more accurate and meaningful leader board. One of the things which will help to determine the rank and leader board position is a new feature called a hot streak. Hot streak cards will be awarded when ever a player wins 4 games before losing 2 as a demon or slayer, at which point it will be reset. These are however also only counted in public matches, not private ones.

The update also sees a wide range of changes for player and weapon stats to help balance the games a little more with these changes looking as follows:


  • Chaingun energy shield mod removed from loadout with primary fire increased to 60 damage from 48 and mobile turret increased to 64 damage from 60
  • Combat shotgun fire increased to 400 damage from 350
  • Heavy cannon primary fire increased to 140 damage from 100, precision bolt ammo consumption per shot increased to 8 from 6, with the max ammo count increased to 96 (or 128 with the sentinel infused mid-round upgrade)
  • Plasma rifle primary fire increased to 55 damage from 45, UAC firepower mid round upgrade increased to 65 damage from 55 and heat blast increased to either 200, 300 or 400 damage (up from 150, 250 and 350) depending on charge level
  • Rocket launcher lock on increased to 900 damage from 600 per 3 rocket burst
  • Blood punch increased to 500 damage from 400
  • On consoles only the ballista primary fire has a decreased 500 damage dwon from 600


  • Marauder has an increasing damage evel for the axe depending on how far the axe travels whilst an end of round upgrade called bury the hatchet allows the marauder to heal with a protion of the damage dealt when producing a direct hit
  • Archvile has had a large reduction in the flame wall hitbox size
  • Revenant sees the threshold to trigger sadist increased to 40% from 30
  • Pain elemental has a haste speed increase of just 25% instead of 35
  • A general set of changes for all demons is that the number of armor shards dropped is recuced while retaining rwlative armor values and drop no more than 30 armor when flame belched by the slayer. The burning hate bonus armor has been removed and the instant resurrection cooldown time has been increased to 3 minutes from the previous 2

As well as these changes players are now also going to be able to remap their controller with specific weapon binds.

As well as a huge number of updates in the way Battlemode is played and how you progress through the leaderboard (read the full article at the Bethesda site for full details of all the changes) there is also a new playable demon, the Dread Knight as well as a new arena called the Stronghold.

The Dread Knight is well-suited for Demon players who have an all-or-nothing play style. With double-jump and an array of attacks, the Dread Knight is a nimble demon with and potent offensive capabilities, but the attacks require cooldowns that can leave you exposed in between use. The primary attack is energy wave. However alongside this also has Berserk Mode (reducing damage taken by 60% while increasing movement speed), Ground Slam and Quantum Orb which is a projectile attack.

Stronghold is an Immora inspired map at the center of Hell as both a defensive position and a processing facility for producing fuel for the Dark Lord’s warmachine. It is billed as their most competitive battle arena to date with use of the various layers being key for both demon and slayer players.

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