NFT News: Funko Digital Halloween Release on Droppp

Available at 11:00 PT on 29th October will be the next NFT release from Funko Digital and it will be the first full release on the new Droppp platform. There have already been 2 mini drops, but this one brings us back to the usual format of 2 different packs, a standard one with 5 NFTs inside and a premium one with 15. The prices of these will be $9.99 for the standard, with a total of 21,000 minted and $29.99 for the premium packs with 7,000 minted. But that’s not all… The redeemable NFTs are back too!

The redeemable pops will come in 2 different types. The first one is simple – find a redeemable legendary or grail NFT and you will get a token which will allow you to redeem it for a physical product. There is a grail Freddy as the Devil which is the 999 piece grail or 2 legendary figures which are both limited to 1,260. With these there is a Freddy as a skeleton and, not this one is exciting, Freddy as a mummy, but that one is redeemable for a Soda figure!

However there is also another way to get a physical product which is Freddy as a vampire in pop form and there will be up to 1,800 of these available. This doesn’t require a specific single NFT but instead is classed as the royalty tier and requires you to have 1 of each of the NFTs in the common, uncommon, rare and epic classes.

For your chance to get hold of these when they are released (and I recommend getting in that queue early) and to take a look at some of the digital pops up for grabs, head over to Funko Digital.

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