Every Funko Gold Figure

The Funko GOLD range was premiered in 2021 and it is sold as the companies premium range of vinyl figures. At the same price and similar quality to the POP figures, I’m not sure what makes them more premium, and time will tell how well this line sells. Below is a list of all of the figures which have been produced to this date. Where products are available in the following year (for example if the list is updated in December with figure on pre-order for January the date listed will be the future release year rather than the announced year.

If you would like a closer look at one of these figures please see the review of the 12″ Biggie Smalls figure here.

This file was last updated on 1st December 2021

NameRelease YearSizeExclusive?CommonChase
Aaron Rodgers20215″
Anthony Davis20215″
Baker Mayfield20215″
Big Boi20225″
Big Boi202212″
Biggie Smalls20215″
Biggie Smalls202112″
Dak Prescott20215″
Giannis Antetokounmpo20215″
Ice Cube20215″
James Harden20215″
Kawhi Leonard20215″
Lamar Jackson20215″
LeBron James20215″
LeBron James202112″
Left Eye20225″
Lil Wayne20215″
Luka Doncic20215″
Patrick Mahomes20215″
Patrick Mahomes202112″
Russell Wilson20215″
Russell Wilson202112″
Steph Curry20215″

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