Pop Mart x How2Work The Monsters Toys Review

Yesterday was the first time I had actually seen these blind boxes in person whilst visiting the MCM Comic Con in London where I came upon the Mogic stall. Mogic are the UK partner for Pop Mart, so you’r best bet for getting these figures if you’re here. The prices are pretty good too, with the show prices having been the same as their online prices which for this line are £9.99 per box, or you can get a full set for £119.88.

These figures are about 3 inch tall vinyl and done in a usual blind box style where they are in a sealed box as well as being in a plastic bag inside that box. There are 12 different designs although one of these also has a secret rare chase with a ratio of 1 in 144. Other than that if you buy a full set you are guaranteed to get no duplicates so I guess the others all have a ratio of 1 in 12.

As with all blind toys the fun is choosing a set you’re happy with and then getting the surprise of which figure you end up with. From this particular set there aren’t many I wouldn’t want, but I ended up with this pull toy and I was super happy. the wheels actually roll and the tail is mounted on a spring, so these toys really have a lot of realism to them. I actually really wasn’t expecting them to work in that way.

The build quality and color are all absolutely on point, with these just being really nice high quality toys. very impressed for my first Pop mart toy, and certainly not my last… In fact I do also have one from the Camping series to review next!

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