Fantastik Plastik Funko Digital NFT Drop 1 Review

I got in to the Funko NFTs after originally protesting and saying that I didn’t get the appeal, although after checking out their first drop (which was the TMNT drop) I got hooked, and have to say that I loved the wax wallet platform. SO… I wasn’t too pleased when I read that they had moved across to the Droppp platform, although it is still part of the wax blockchain. It does mean that if you want all of your funko NFTs in one place you’ll need to move them to Droppp, but actually the system is ok and you can still trade through the wax marketplace the same as before.

I decided to give the new platform a go and spent the maximum which was $18 before tax, which got me 3 packs, each containing 3 cards. There was only one type of pack available, they released 10,000 of them and there were no redeemable cards. They split them down in to common, uncommon, rare, epic and 1 of 1, although at 2,000 pieces the epic ones are a little less epic than you’d really want, and the price is accordingly rubbish if you wanted to re-sell them.

So what did I pull? Keeping in mind that I had a total of 18 cards between the 6 packs.


I did ok with these actually and only got 3; Rockin’ Ramen, Max Sike and Sike-O-Shriner, although with the latter I did pull 2 of those.


This is where I got most of my cards pulling 5 different designs but unbelievably with the Freddy Devil I somehow ended up with 5 of the white suited ones and 1 of the pink suited ones – so equal to 1 per pack! On top of these I got 1 Otto, 2 Rockin’ Ramen and 2 of the Max Sike, which actually might be my favourite looking pull from my packs.


I only got the one rare design which is the Sike-O-Shriner but I did get 2 of these cards.


I was excited to get one of these and ended up with a single copy of the Otto which was cool until I found that they minted 2,100 and they’re valued at about $3.19 at the time of writing. I’ve got no intention of selling it but knowing an epic card has at least some rarity would be nice especially when the rare Sike-O-Shriner also had 2,100 minted, so the Epic bracket is a bit of a con to be fair.

1 of 1

Of course I’m not that lucky!

What did I think?

Overall the cards look quite nice, but out of the 3 sets which came before them I do feel that the TMNT one and Big Boy set were MUCH nicer. These seem a bit rushed and I think a big release with a physical redemption and more designs would have been a better launch on Droppp rather than 2 mini drops, because they have a second drop coming on 21st October, which to be fair I’ll probably try to hop on to as well!

Beyond that they’ve still kept a nice animation for opening the pack etc, which you can skip if you want, but I do like that it doesn’t just flash up on your screen instantly. Even the buying process was fairly easy after I signed up and waited in the queue for 50 minutes to get in to the online shop and then spent a further 30 minutes or so in the shop… I got what I wanted though so can’t complain.

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