NFT News: Funko Move from WaxWallet to Droppp with Fantastik Plastik Release Today

Whilst still on the Wax blockchain, how and where you buy your future Funko NFTs is changing, and is doing so right now! At 2pm ET today (19th October), Funko will be releasing a mini drop of NFT packs through the Droppp system whilst staying on the Wax Blockchain. This means that you can still access all of your NFTs (and quite rightly so, they belong to you) but if you want to buy new ones they will now need to be purchased through droppp, and most annoyingly it currently looks like (from social media accounts) that if you have any redemption tokens they MUST be moved to droppp before that redemption date or you lose it! However I will check for clarification on this.

The new home for all things Funko Digital is now in one place at with an FAQ having been released by Funko on the matter here… Although I’ll try and sift through it with the other information they have been sharing on social media later to try and put a quick guide together too..

I think this is very disappointing as the NFT market is so uncertain anyway and lots of people don’t understand or trust it yet and companies flip flopping between clients like this really doesn’t help much. I for one liked my WaxWallet. But are we going to let Funko get away with it?

Of course we are!

No use keep complaining, it’s happening so here we go!

The Fantastik plastik series 1 NFT drop will have mini packs priced at $3 each and containing just 3 NFTs in each however there will be 2 different colored packs with the red ones and black ones each having 10,000 packs minted.

Whilst there will be rare, epic and 1 of 1 tokens, none of them will have physical redemptions.

The first drop (the black packs) go live at 2pm today here whilst the second drop (the red packs) goes live on 21st October here.

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