Toy News: Numskull Announce First TUBBZ of 2022 Including Batman, Back to the Future (2015) & Destiny

2021 has been a greta year for new TUBBZ from Numskull, and I think it must be about that time to list my favorites of the year soon – a lot to choose from, but we’re already looking ahead at the first ones to be announced for pre order in 2022, and it looks like that year is going to be off to a cracker right away with 3 franchises getting new characters:


Will see just 2 figures, but they look amazing, especially with the color schemes which have been chosen for 2 Face and Catwoman.

Back to the Future

We get 3 characters finding themselves in 2015 with Doc Brown, Marty McFly and Biff Tannen. I think for me the Marty has to the best one of these 3.


For the final franchise we’re heading in to the gaming world with Cayde-6 Gunslinger and Zavala from Destiny heading our way.

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