Toy News: Funko to Release Paka Paka Clown Spy Series 1

The Paka Paka range is one which you don’t see around as often as other mystery mini type products from the company however they are still releasing fresh products and they seem to have their own cult following within the Funko collectors fandom. This is another set of great little characters adding a bit of fun and a lot of color to your shelves from December 2021!

The line is made up of a total of 15 different characters 4 or 5 different rarity levels… I say 4 or 5 because it’s a bit unclear from the graphic whether the final Paka Paka character fits in to one of the other rarities (it looks like it may be a hyper-rare) or has a level of its own.

  • Super common; 2 characters at 1 in 6
  • Common; 5 chracters at 1 in 12
  • Chase; 5 characters (alternatives of the commons including some black and whites, some glows and nice pastel looking colorway) at 1 in 18
  • Hyper rare; 2 or 3 characters at 1 in 36

They are available in their trademark gacha-gacha style pod packaging from pop in a box now for £4.99 each as a blind pack style for pre-order.

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