Event News: MCM London Comic Con Comic Village to Become Artist Alley and First Artist Announcements

If you have ever visited the comic village at MCM Comic Con it is clear to see that the area of the convention is a little more encompassing than just comic book artists and writers so it makes sense that they have made the name change to reflect this and if anything try to encourage more artists to join in the fun and get exposure to a wider audience. I for one will certainly be making the rounds in the area to see what everyone has on offer – it can be a great way to find new talent and old talent you may have overlooked in the past!

The full list of artists will be released at the start of the coming week, and hopefully we’ll see the exhibitor list around the same time – I’m really looking forward to seeing who may be coming. However they have already announced the first 3 artists as a little teaser. Appearing on all 3 days will be:

Sarah Graley

Known for Our Super Adventure, Donut the Destroyer, Minecraft and Marvel Action Spider-Man and will also be appearing as part of at least one panel during the weekend

Kit Buss

Known for Critical Role, Cloven: Bloodlines & Lost Hearts and will also be appearing as part of at least one panel during the weekend

Glenn Fabry

Known for Preacher and Hellblazer

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