Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Advent Calendar Review

It’s coming up to that time of year where an advent calendar is certainly going to be on your mind – certainly the supermarkets are starting to get them in now, so I wanted to do the same as I did with the 80 Years of marvel advent calendar from Funko, but this time with their Nightmare Before Christmas one. So please do read the first part of the review if you want to stay surprised, right up to the link I’ll find for buying one, but don’t scroll much further because that’s where I’ll put the reference list of which figure is behind each door – just in case you can’t figure them out!

I have to say that the variety of figures is pretty good though and there are a few lesser own characters in the mix. I do think that for some characters where there might be several variations that these could have been replaced with a few more characters who are still missing though!

The figures you get behind each door of what is in itself a very nice looking advent calendar with a pull down flap at the front to show the 24 doors are ear individually plastic wrapped – which I find a real shame – there’s really no need to do that these days, the same could be achieved with tissue paper if they wanted to protect the figure. They’re very nice figures though and I’ll show one off here… not really a spoiler because you should absolutely expect to see at least one Jack Skellington!

These are pocket pops which are almost the same size as the pocket pop key chains they sell. They are however far more rigid and heavy duty than those key chains, having the same sort of build quality as a pop figure or a pint sized hero, but retaining the same sort of styling as a pop would. Personally between the pocket pops they have in the calendars and the pint size heroes these are my favorite of the small Funko figures.

These are available now from Pop in a Box for just £39.99 which I think is a really fair price. It might seem a lot for an advent calendar but if you break it down that’s just £1.67 per figure! It does always make me laugh that one of the most expensive of the companies in the top Google results for this thing is Funko themselves through the Funko Europe shop for another £10.01 on top at £50 each! I know where I’d like to buy mine from if I needed another!

If you’re a Nightmare Before Christmas fan or just really enjoy little chibi style figures, then I absolutely would recommend this advent calendar… It’s a lot of fun, super quality and something which you can enjoy for years to come rather than just the 2 seconds it takes to eat one of those tiny chocolates. If you’ve had the Marvel one before, I’d say that this one is actually better!

The List

As warned, if you want each day to remain a surprise, stop reading here because I’m about to list every one from 1 to 24!

  1. Jack Skellington as the Pumpkin King
  2. Zero
  3. The Mayor
  4. Oogie Boogie in green
  5. Sally
  6. Jack Skellington in Night Dress
  7. Clown with the Tear Away Face
  8. Vampire Teddy
  9. Lock
  10. Shock
  11. Jack Skellington in Pinstripe Suit
  12. Barrell
  13. Jack Skellington as a Snowman
  14. Dr Finkelstein
  15. Sally Sitting Down
  16. Zero Semi Transparent
  17. Jack Skellington in Pinstripe Suit again
  18. Harlequin Demon
  19. Oogie Boogie in brown
  20. Santa Clause
  21. Behemouth
  22. Zero glittery version
  23. Jack Skellington as a Snowman glittery version
  24. Jack Skellington as Santa Clause

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