Gaming News: Funko Dig their way in to the Sims Freeplay for the Mysterious Masquerade Event

Starting from 28th October there will be a 10 day event on The Sims Freeplay called the Mysterious Masquerade, which is their Halloween event for the year allowing people to collect items from the arts and crafts stations to unlock a variety of items for this Sims Halloween party. Where Funko comes in to this is that they have worked with EA Games to put together a Funkoween pack.

What is included in this pack is a set of 3 funko masks including a Skull, witch or pumpkin (I think the skull is my favorite) as well as 2 glow in the dark collectibles for the home, which are a ghost as well as a jack-o-lantern where the cutout at the front is the Funko crown.

You have to head to the online store for the Sims Freeplay to redeem this pack for free before it’s gone!

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