Toy News: Anxti XL Blank Back on Sale

I was going to write about this the other day when these went on sale however they sold out so quickly that I didn’t even get a chance to order one – however if like me you missed out, your chance has opened back up as a second run of these blank figures has just been released by Anxti.

If you haven’t checked them out before, Anxti is an artist who is quite active on social media with a whole mix of different approaches under their belt – I myself found them as a sticker artist, however also use digital media, traditional media and of course toys (another product they have is a plush version of this character).

Their art revolves around helping spread awareness of anxiety and mental health in general, with this 10 cm tall blank liquid plastic poured figure being no different. 10% of every sale goes to UK mental health charity CALM.

These figures are available now for the very reasonable price of £15 each, so I’ll be reviewing the 2 I just purchased on here once they arrive and I get a chance to customize mine – I already know exactly what I’m going to do with it! Buy them online now before they sell out again!

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