Toy News: Twiztid Announce Funko Pops

Now this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise – if anything I’m surprised it has taken this long, after all Paul “Monoxide” Methric has even been a Funko Funatic of the month in the past! During their recent panel at NYCC, because they are huge toy fans and have a plethora of Twiztid toys already on the market, they announced that a pair of Funko pops of them will be coming out soon, however that is all we know so far!

On social media of course there are a number of people stating, these won’t sell out quickly, who even knows who they are – rap fans don’t like collectible figures!… Uhmm well I think people will need to have another look in to this world. The Juggalo genre is one which runs hand in hand with urban art and toy – they just go well together, and the fans are the epitome of fanatic! I am certain that these will sell out quickly, or at least sell quickly. You know that a collectors sphere has become too elite when people complain that something won’t sell out too quickly and have a high resell price down the line. Get that calculator out of your butt and start collecting for the joy of collecting again! if you don’t like a pop – don’t buy it… that way you don’t need to cry about it when they announce that they might be making something you don’t like!

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