Toy News: Figures n Films x Gekko Toy Collaboration

Here at Figures n Films we’ve been working with sticker artist Gekko to bring to life a joint dream of many years which is a designer toy. This guy is based on Gekkos skull dude design and is 3d printed using form futura filament which is both 100% recycled and also 100% recyclable. It costs a bit more this way but it was an important decision for us from the start! The figure is for this first run at least not articulated at all and stands at 60mm tall to the top of that lovely hair-do!

Below are some photos but this is the very first completed draft with colours and all! The smoothing of the surface still needs to be refined a little to get a smoother finish but so far we’re happy with the draft!

The figure will be produced and sold in a blind box style with final numbers to be confirmed later along with the different styles which will be available. What we do know is that each one will be hand painted and finished so no 2 will be identical. They will also be individually numbered and very limited in edition size!

There is no further release information yet but we hope that this is a nice little teaser for you to get your teeth stuck in to!

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