Event News: MCM London Reveal “The Tree House” Family Activities

One thing which I have said before that MCM doesn’t do very well is look after its youngest of fans, and the tree house area has in the past been an absolute joke! We have been several times and not been able to get a seat for out little one or even sit on the floor to have some lunch because it is always packed with adults and youths with no kids and no interest in the family friendly activities… These as well have often been lacking. We have tried to catch face painting and story times before with these having been non-existant. However it looks like they may have changed their tune and are certainly promising a lot more! I just really hope that they will actually try to make sure that kids get a chance of using this space, which is so badly needed for them, rather than turning in to the proverbial mall of MCM.

There will by the looks of it be a schedule posted on each day with some of the activities being as follows (with the descriptions taken from the MCM Twitter page):

Kids Cosplay

Sign up for the Kids Cosplay showcase on Saturday 23rd October, where mini cosplay pros can strut their stuff on the red carpet.

Drag Queen Story Hour

Join @dragqueenstoryhouruk for an interactive story time lead by an amazing and talented drag performer!

Interactive Quidditch

Reckon you or your child could catch a snitch like Potter? Show off your Quidditch skills and learn a few more in @ukquidditch interactive sessions!

Dance Classes

Ever wanted to learn how to float like a fairy, or prance a merry jig like the Hobbits of the shire? Counts to Nine Productions will be running dance classes for all ages and abilities so you can do just that (see schedule for full details).

Silver Sabres

Enroll your young padawans for a session with the @silversabres where they’ll learn how to wield an LED Sabre, inspired by our favourite sci-fi adventurers!

Character Photo Ops

No details given, so I guess we’ll see on the day!

I have been a little harsh about their care for kids, especially the smaller ones who love these franchises as much as we do as adults, maybe even more, but I guess watch this space soon for a review of what this new look tree house area will be like!

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