Toy News: Bethesda Gear Release Plenty of new Fallout Merch Items from Across the Franchise

I’m going to cut straight to it and start with the very best item which has been announced during the past few days which is the prototype version of the Fallout Assaultron statue and it is absolutely drop dead gorgeous at just over 8 inches tall and made from hand painted polyresin. It is limited to only 200 pieces worldwide and retails for a pretty reasonable $95. There is however, also for the same price, but this time limited to 500 pieces the classic version of this defence robot. Responses to these have been a bit mixed on social media, but as I said, that prototype version is super nice!

Further polyresin figures to be added to these 2 Assaultrons are Protectron, Nick Valentine, the Sole Survivor (male) and a Feral Ghoul. These 4 models are however open edition products at a 1:16 scale making them almost half the size of the limited edition statues, but also a quarter of the price at $25 each.

Getting back in to the realm of limited edition releases, and once again with just 200 being produced world wide is a almost 3.5 inch tall technicolor cannibal vault boy statue complete with a little diorama and makes up part of their gruesome deaths series of mini statues. This guy is available to pre order for $40. Of course we can’t close this article without a quick mention of the $20 each color changing Fallout Shelter game mugs!

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